SVC Services, LLC
Our basic services include:
1. Developing a Growth Strategy
2. Site Selection
3. Budgeting
4. Planning
5. Construction Project Management
1.  Developing a Growth Strategy - Provide input on planning, resource needs, budgets, financial metrics, and market share.

2.  Site Selection - Engage local brokers for site availability, identification and develop strategy to formulate recommendations for the owner.

3.  Budgeting - Prepare comprehensive preliminary project costs, sales estimates, and pro forma analysis.

4.  Planning - Engage and coordinate efforts of planning consultants (architects and engineers).  Develop the desired building program consistent with the Owner's requirements and strategy.

5.  Construction Project Management - Coordinate all pre-construction services and preliminary investigations, identify and pre-qualify Contractor candidates, coordinate bidding process, represent owner in contract negotiations, monitor schedules to assure key milestones are met.  Adminster all work of GC and consultants. 
SVC Services, LLC